Casus Ludi is an artisanal factory of playful and narrative experiences.
We create games and stories to heartily engage people in imagining, reflecting and acting.

Artwork principal et couverture du jeu Blanc. l'illustration est réalisée entièrement au crayon, à la main, en noir et blanc. Elle représente une scène de nature enneigée. Au centre, deux animaux se font face, intrigués : un faon blanc et un louveteau noir. En bas de l'image figurent les logos de Casus Ludi et Gearbox Publishing.
Avec le soutien du CNC

Experience the poetic tale of a wolf cub and fawn as they travel through stunning landscapes.

Blanc is available on Nintendo Switch
and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Our Manifest

We find causes for play.

We all grew up with games in our lives. We believe they are not limited to fun and entertainment. Games form a universal language and a lever for inclusion when a playful situation asks for gathering individual expertises and experiences. Whether it’s about exploring, informing, or even debating, we give ourselves the mission to find causes for games and mobilize mediation where it’s unexpected.

We create games for causes.

By our methodology and editorial choices, we wish to provide another vision of what a game can embody, as well as how it can be created. We want to break away from toxic concepts in the game and creative industries, such as the obsessions with performance, competition, and solutionism. We want to put forward themes resonating with our vision of a more habitable and fair world, imbued with social justice.

We do it by…

 A love for crafts

 Making with, not for

 Evaluating of our projects and practices

 A multidisciplinary approach

 Sharing knowledge and insights

 A refusal of magic formulas

  Societal sobriety and ethics

Our activities

Illustration de l'activité "Design d’expériences ludiques". Des petites figures humaines collaborent pour assembler des éléments de jeu géants.

Game experience design

We design experiences that use game mechanics in all forms to entertain and reflect.

Our games stimulate imagination, invite to explore alternative worlds, suggest to think about societal issues, and are addressed to everyone as much as targeted audiences.

Illustration de l'activité "Design de narrations". Une figure humaine dessine des constellations dans un grand livre.

Narration design

We imagine deep stories, their unexpected universes, and the tools that allow to tell them, borrowing from both games and non-linear storytelling.

We explore innovative and engaging forms of narration, and experiment with participatory tools or combinations of analog and digital media.

Illustration de l'activité "Recherche-création". Un objet hybride, au croisement entre un journal et une console de jeu.

Creative research

We conduct creative research, at a crossroad between analyzing game practices and social sciences. We question games, fictions, and their social impact, including the ones we create.

At the heart of this research, we also analyse the possibilities of mediation through games: how a game can help informing, engaging, and deliberating.

Illustration de l'activité "Enseignement & Sensibilisation". Assemblage de cercles et de bulles de parole.

Teaching & Conferences

It matters to us to share our thoughts, discoveries, and insights from our experiences, through teaching or conferences.

Far from being self-promotion moments, these are foremost an opportunity to stand back and reflect on our practice and the whole game industry.

We are Pierre, Florent, and Célia.

We design, narrate, illustrate, develop, produce games and fictions with passion and commitment.