Artwork principal et couverture du jeu Blanc. l'illustration est réalisée entièrement au crayon, à la main, en noir et blanc. Elle représente une scène de nature enneigée. Au centre, deux animaux se font face, intrigués : un faon blanc et un louveteau noir.
Logo du jeu Blanc

Casus Ludi / Gearbox

Video game


Casus Ludi / Gearbox

Video game


Left to their own after an extremely violent snowstorm, a fawn and a wolf cub become companions in misfortune.

A journey begins for them, looking for their elders, following their tracks left in the snow.

Blanc is available on Nintendo Switch
and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful black-and-white world – completely hand-drawn before coming to life in 3D. Blanc focuses on the journey and experience while tugging at the hearts of players. A soothing soundscape supports the game’s text-free gameplay and storytelling.

Each animal has its own complementary strengths that will help you navigate the serene, snowy landscapes. Using only two buttons and movement, this simple gameplay allows anyone to play and follow their journey home.

Two players take control of either the wolf cub or the fawn. Guide them through the environment, unforgiving weather, and obstacles that you must face together. Build a relationship together locally on the same screen or from far away with online play.

Illustration conceptuelle du jeu Blanc en noir et blanc. Le faon et le louveteau marchent seuls dans un paysage urbain, vraisemblablement une usine, enneigé après une violente tempête.
Illustration conceptuelle du jeu Blanc en noir et blanc. Le faon et le louveteau marchent seuls dans un paysage urbain, enneigé après une violente tempête.

Blanc is a passion project, our very first fullyfledged video game, developed in association with a diverse and passionate team of freelancers. We want to create a meaningful experience without antagonism, based on mutual aid and empathy, for everyone to enjoy no matter their skill level.

Capture d'écran du jeu. Le faon et le louveteau se rencontrent pour la première fois et se font face de part et d'autre d'une rivière.
Capture d'écran du jeu. Le faon soulève le louveteau afin de franchir un mur.
Capture d'écran du jeu. Le faon et le louveteau franchissent divers obstacles pour traverser une forêt.
Capture d'écran du jeu. Le louveteau est en hauteur sur une poutre, le faon est debout sur la terre ferme. Il s'agit d'un endroit où les deux animaux doivent collaborer pour pouvoir franchir un obstacle.

Original idea

Rémi Gourrierec
Raphaël Beuchot
Pierre Chabiland
Louis Godart
Yoann Madec
Florent de Grissac

Production talents

Project Leads

Rémi Gourrierec
Game and Creative Director

Pierre Chabiland
Technical Director
Lead Programmer

Jessica Bruno

Florent de Grissac
Casus Ludi CEO
Narrative Designer

Célia Vesco
Additional Producer

Visual Art

Raphaël Beuchot
Concept Artist
Character Artist

Jules Noël
3D Artist

Thibaut Delahaye
Senior 3D Animator

Yoann “Düne” Madec
UX/UI Designer

Tiphaine Hardy
3D Artist
Environment Artist

Julie “Nervous Nightjar” Jeanvoine
3D Animator

Damien Pons
Character 3D Artist

Peggy Lecouvey
3D Animator
Cinematic Artist
VFX Artist

Music & SFX

Louis Godart
Audio Director

Pierre-Marie Blind
Audio Designer
Foley Artist


Fabien Cocheteux
Gameplay Programmer

Gwenaël Gévrin Carlier
Gameplay Programmer
Character VFX Artist

Jean Moreno
Technical Artist
Visual Effects Artist

Owen Mandervelde
Gameplay Programmer
Tool Programmer

Camille Soual

Game & Level Design

Mathieu Leclercq
Level Designer

Steven Cruz
Level Designer

Arthur Peralta
Additional Level Designer


Astride “Dr Umbrus” Couillaux
Gameplay Programmer

Owen Davies
Gameplay Programmer

Ségolène Fallourd
2D Artist

We also thank

John Henley · Business Developer, Indie Game Services

Amandine Susanne · Game Design intern

Eddy Margueron · VFX Artist

Florian Geslin · Programming intern

Florïn Zolli · Ethical Analysis

Kévin Remeuf · Ethology

Nathan Prospert · Game Design intern

Solène Renaudin · UX/UI & Graphic Designer

The studios that helped us

Sweet Dreams
Headbang Club

Made with Unity 3D.
Portions of the Unity code may include third party software governed by the Standard Unity Asset Store End User License Agreement.

Logo du jeu Blanc

Available on
Nintendo Switch and PC

Nintendo Switch
Epic Store
Gearbox Publishing

© 2022 Casus Ludi Inc.
A game by Casus Ludi and its partners.
Published and distributed by Gearbox Publishing.
Blanc and its logo are Casus Ludi SAS trademarks.
Gearbox and the Gearbox Software logo are registered trademarks,
and the Gearbox Publishing logo is a trademark, of Gearbox Enterprises, LLC.


With the support of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée